THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA: Graduate School of Design, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Master of Fine Arts: [Outstanding Honors]

- Awards: Outstanding Student Award / Natvar Bhavsar Prize / Tuition Scholarship (second year) / Ivy
League Overseers Scholar / Tuition Scholarship (first year)
- Teaching Assistant: Critic and Instructor of photography (Sophomore; Junior; Senior; Graduate)
- Web Site Consultant: Researched future marketing trends for The Institute of Contemporary Art. Formulated strategies, compiled demographics (with self devised survey questionnaires), revised/modified design and copy to upgrade and customize a comprehensive web site
- Director: Wrote press releases; Devised advertising, budget, floor plan, invitations and posters for group and thesis exhibitions
- Graduate School of Architecture: Graduate course work in computer graphics
- Wharton School: Graduate course work in management and marketing

Graduate School of Design: Thesis
Integrating the fine art of sculpture with architectural concepts of environment, physicality, and state. Redefining and re-filtering conceptual theories of space, structure, technology, weight and time. It is a commentary of the human condition and of the world they create for themselves. These forms have passed through such an explicit narrative that they become transformed to be that which is much more specific than minimalism, they have become that of distillation.

QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY: Faculty of Arts & Science, Kingston, Ontario
Bachelor of Fine Art Honors: [Art History Minor]
- Awards: Undergraduate Review / Helen Tuft Award / Student Honors Scholarship (first through fourth year)
- Committee: Headed curation, floor plan, invitation design and poster design and printing for BFA group and graduating exhibitions

Faculty of Arts & Science: Thesis
Printmaking mediums encompassing a labour intensive multi-layering process capturing figurative movement to create a three dimensional still image within what has been traditionally regarded as a two dimensional world view.

QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY: Faculty of Arts & Science, Kingston, Ontario
Bachelor of Philosophy Honors: [Business Minor]

Faculty of Arts & Science: Thesis
Psychological determinism and its' effects on human behavior, in conjunction with course work in psychology. Notions of fate, coincidence, cause, and effect were investigated and defined within context of philosophical doctrine.

RYERSON UNIVERSITY: The G.Raymond Chang School, Toronto, Ontario
Certificate in Computer Programming Applications: [Software Engineering Stream]

SHERIDAN COLLEGE: College of Applied Arts & Technology Graduate Program, Oakville, Ontario
Post-Graduate Certificate in Computer Animation:

- Created animated broadcast interstitials for Much Music [sister station for MTV] and YTV [children's television station]
- Designed personal cel animation peg boards for class